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This Fairmount Avenue Arts Crawl is a FREE indoor/outdoor festival for all ages transforms the Fairmount Avenue business district into an eclectic showcase of local artists in its streets, restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars.

Storefront Hosts & Artists

Aiyah - 1809 Fairmount Ave - featuring artwork from Jessica Kat Miller, as well as musician Joshua Chase Miller

Bar Hygge - 1720 Fairmount Ave - featuring artist Shelly Henry

The Boozy Mutt - 2639 Poplar Street - featuring artists Dovile Valuckaite and Alex Wade

Brewerytown Pilates - 1458 N 30th Street - featuring work from artists Andromeda Cook and Jeanne Kysela

Cerulean Arts - 1355 Ridge Ave - featuring Peg Curtin, Mikel Elam, Bruce Garrity, Noreen Scott Garrity, Mark Green, Wanda Payne, and Marta Sanchez

Cosmic Cafe & Ciderhouse - 1 Boathouse Row - visit their Saturday, April 27 craft market from 12-4 benefitting The Cosmic Foundation

Eastern State Penitentiary - 2027 Fairmount Ave - featuring 16 site-specific artist installations (admission required)

Fare - 2028 Fairmount Ave - featuring the work of John Scott

Girl Holding a Pen - 723 N. 19th Street - with the work of Clement DaVinci

Incarnation Tattoo - 1222 N 29th Street - featuring artwork by C. Long

Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy - 1714 Fairmount Ave - featuring artist Sean Green

Libertee Grounds - 1600 W Girard Ave - with artist Solveig Imsdahl​

Mi Casita Preschool - 2601 Poplar Street - featuring artist Salma Garcia Nolasco

Neighborhood Potters - 2034 Fairmount Ave - with resident artists Sandi Pierantozzi, Neil Patterson, Anne Koszalka and Adam Ledford 

Otto's Taproom & Grille - 1216 N 29th Street - featuring Julio Galvez

Pier Bar - 2025 Fairmount Ave - with artist Jillian Kalman

Philly Art Center - 2333 Fairmount Ave - ‘make-and-take’ art station, music, snacks & other activities

Rybread - 1711 Fairmount Ave - featuring artist Liz Baronofsky

Rybrew - 2600 W Girard Ave - with the work of Jonathan Dmitri Gabel

Sulimay's Salon & Barber Studio - 2333 Fairmount Ave - featuring artist Sarah Jane Timmons

Tela's Market & Kitchen - 1833 Fairmount Ave - featuring artist Sandra Benhaim

Trio - 2601 Pennsylvania Ave - featuring the work of Erik Wright

The UPS Store - 1801 Fairmount Ave - featuring artist Christina Beckham

The Welker Group @Compass RE - 2311 Fairmount Ave - featuring the artwork of Helena Grady

Lather Salon - 2736 W Girard Ave - featuring artists Serena Niesely, Gabrielle Bonder, and Vanessa Lopez



Candle Odyssey

Haiama Beauty



Golden Key Prints

Elements of Still

Stitch Sesh

Yoni PHresh

Keene Pottery

Kenney Kut-Outs & Illustrations

Baby Got Craft

Yay Diff Jewelry

GARDEN Vintage


Char and Whiskers

Simona Dwass

Philly Tuft 

Sarah + Felisa 

Live Lit

Donna Mary’s Soaps LLC

Miss Resin Pop 

City Pixie Shop

HanFran Studio



Life Art By Stacey Granger 

Botanic Village
City Line Drawings

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