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Make a lasting impact.

Fairmount CDC Capital Campaign

Dear Neighbors,


Over the years you’ve seen the community around you changing – and we think, for the better. Making Fairmount the premier place to live, work and play is the goal of the Fairmount Community Development Corporation. It’s also important for the neighborhood to stay safe; to be easily connected to Fairmount Park; and to be a walkable, bikeable destination for everyone, including visitors.

With all this in mind, the Fairmount CDC is kicking off a $50,000 fundraising effort to raise money for some additional improvements, and we need your help:

  • Lighting the 29th Street Bridge | $30,000 – for health, safety and a better connection experience to the Park.

  • Fairmount Ave and 22nd Street Improvements | $10,000 – for better pedestrian, cyclist and auto safety with improved crosswalks and wayfinding signage.

  • Enhancing the visual appeal of West Girard Ave | $10,000 – providing healthy improvements to the corridor with art and trees, while deterring negative behavior (graffiti tagging and illegal dumping).


Currently, the Fairmount CDC gets most of its financial support from the events it hosts – the Fairmount Arts Crawl, the Fairmount Food Fight and more recently events like the Whiskey Tasting, held at 2637Brew. This community is only as strong as the people who work to make it better. With your gift, we’ll be able to make additional improvements that will be sustained for the longer term.


Donate today to support your neighborhood so it continues to attract new residents, new businesses and more visitors; making it an even more desirable place to live, work and play!


Thank you,

Fairmount CDC Board of Directors

Give Today

Overall Campaign

Goal: $50,000 | Raised: $30,000

or Choose your Project

29th Street Bridge Lighting

Goal: $30,000

22nd & Fairmount Enhancements

Goal: $10,000

West Girard Improvements

Goal: $10,000


The Projects

**Checks may be made payable to "Fairmount CDC" and sent to 2837 W. Girard Avenue, Phila., PA 19130. Amounts raised beyond goals for one project may be used on alternative projects within the capital campaign.

29th Street Bridge Lighting 



29th Steet Bridge Lighting 

The project uses both decorative and functional lighting to make the bridge safer, while highlighting its historical and architectural significance. We hope to leverage this improvement to expedite the painting and concrete resurfacing. 


View the lighting design, prepared by BEAM., click here.

Fairmount Avenue

Phase 1 of Fairmount Ave. Forward includes:

  • Artistic crosswalks to guide pedestrians, with increased visibility for drivers.

  • Temporary (light, flexible) furnishings at the NW intersection for visitors waiting for buses

  • Pedestrian safety features including a signal & countdown clock and a “No Right Turn” sign

  • Wayfinding for destinations along the corridor and in the immediate vicinity

Fairmount Avenue Forward
Fairmount Avenue Forward
West Girard Avenue

Fairmount CDC seeks to both engage with local artists and continue growing the tree canopy. Engaged local artists would replicate the “Art on the Street” program on a quarterly schedule, while FDCD continues to invest in the freshly planted trees (nearly 30) along W. Girard Ave.

West Girard Avenue
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