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This month’s GAMBA business spotlight features Cultivaire, located at 915 North 28th Street, bringing plants, flowers, and more to the Philadelphia area!

Tell Us About Your Business!

Cultivaire has been in business for over 4 years. We sell plants, pots, cards and more.

What Makes You Stand Out?

In addition to plants, Cultivaire had been a place for artists and community members to connect, host events and showcase art.

What Current Offerings Would Catch Our Eye?

We have so many plants to impress your guests for all of your holiday gatherings! From giant bird of paradise to unique, rare monsteras. Holiday plants like poinsettia, Norfolk pine, and Christmas cactus will be arriving in early December.

Why Do You Love Working in the Art Museum District?

We love Brewerytown! We love our customers, the history, and the beautiful plants in our nearby park systems.

Tell us about your founder. What was their inspiration for opening the business?

Justin Kenyon was an avid gardener and his love for plants evolved from outdoor to indoor plants. He wanted to make plants accessible to the folks of Brewerytown, keeping them affordable compared to other stores in the city.

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