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Business Spotlight: Cultivaire Plant Store

Three Quick Facts about Cultivaire Plant Store 1. Cultivaire is a new plant store offering a myriad of indoor houseplants and with spring approaching outdoor plants as well.  We also offer design and install work for your overall indoor and outdoor plant needs. 2. One of the mottos of Cultivaire is where plants meet...  And this can mean literally anything from people to art to culture to music to comfort etc.  We are both big believers in being a part of the fabric of the community beyond providing some beautiful plants and that can be seen in the locally created pots, art, cards, soaps, candles, tea, honey and coffee that we carry in store. 3. We love our little space and we’re trying to make it a cozy sanctuary from the crazy day-to-day city life.  We can host private events and love promoting and supporting non profits. We’re looking to spruce up the back patio to be enjoyed for spring, summer and fall but in the meantime we’ve got a nice cozy chair to come relax in amongst the plants.

A note from Justin and MaryAnne, owners of Cultivaire: Justin has lived in Brewerytown for three years and Fairmount before that.  His love of plants stems from a decade of gardening and starting plants from seed which eventually led him into the world of houseplants a number of years ago.  MaryAnne has been working as a gardener in the city for the past 8 years. She has designed and planted everything from small window boxes to large green roofs, small shady backyards to bright sunny porches. She brings an artist’s eye and two green thumbs to Cultivaire and Brewerytown.

Cultivaire Plant Store - 2732 W. Girard Avenue -

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