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Business Spotlight: Fairmount Hardware

Updated: Mar 25, 2020


Help yourself, help your neighbor

Fairmount Hardware (ACE) has a new supply of hand sanitizer in the store.

For those who might be unaware, some lower-income families struggle more than most with social distancing and hand washing/sanitizing due to their living situations – smaller spaces with more people and fewer resources with which to manage. After speaking with a local public health worker about these challenges, and how they can intensify after receiving a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Fairmount Hardware decided to donate 1,000 bottles of the hand sanitizer to the Philadelphia Department of Health to help alleviate some of these challenges.

The hardware store is also selling this new supply of hand sanitizer and although the bottles are small – 2 oz. each – they’re hoping that this wonderful community would also consider contributing to the donation when purchasing more sanitizer. For example, if neighbors purchase 24 2-ounce bottles, for an additional $24 ($1/bottle more), you could add 24 bottles to the donated supply.

Please consider helping yourself while you help your neighbor with your purchase.

A Message from Fairmount Hardware on COVID-19 Operations 

Fairmount Hardware has been serving the neighborhood for many years and is happy to continue that service during the coronavirus pandemic. Hardware stores have been identified as an essential business.

With resources for homeowners, contractors and everyone in the neighborhood, we thought it would be helpful to share their new and temporary operating processes to keep both its customers and its employees safe.

Here are some things to note:

  • If you need something from the store, you can must call (215-765-4500) to request your item(s); if you call and get a busy signal, it’s because all lines are in use – the phone isn’t off the hook. The store is working toward online ordering, but it’s not yet available. 

  • The store is not allowing customers into the physical building but requesting that everyone waits outside for their requests to be delivered. This means, when you are outside the store, call the store and give them your name and they will bring your purchase out to you.

  • The preferred method of payment is “plastic” as it is safer and cleaner than cash. If cash is the only option, they will try to accommodate you, but know that it might take longer as they take necessary health protective measures. 

  • Once you arrive at the store to pick up your purchase, you’ll need to call them and provide your name. They’ll come out with your delivery. Please be patient.

Other things to note:

Please be patient – These are not normal operating procedures for the store. They are adjusting as best as they can to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

If you need to come and shop for plants, for example, but aren’t quite sure what you need, the staff are willing to work with you if they aren’t busy with other customers. Again, please be patient.

Fairmount Hardware is grateful for so many customers and is working hard to keep everyone happy and healthy in these unknown times. Please keep them – your neighbors – in mind as you're considering all of your shopping needs!

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