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Career Wardrobe

Thanks to the generous support of our community, Career Wardrobe is a recipient of the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

About Career Wardrobe

Imagine a place where every person in transition can obtain the confidence they need in order to achieve the next level of gainful employment. That place is Career Wardrobe.

Career Wardrobe is a nonprofit social enterprise that uses clothing and professional development to empower unemployed individuals to work. The store is the cornerstone of our program and provides professional clothing to individuals in transition. Job seekers can shop at no cost with a referral or for a small fee if they are not receiving government assistance. To learn more, visit,

How the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund Will Help

Career Wardrobe is using the funding from the relief fund to cover this month's utility bills - sexy, I know! But without lights, heat, internet...we won't be able to serve anyone next month when we (hopefully) reopen.

How you Can Continue to Support Career Wardrobe

Support from our community is so important to Career Wardrobe. And as soon as the crisis started, we knew we had to give back. We created the outFIT for Work program and promised to provide anyone who lost their job or income due to the crisis a $50 voucher to come shop at The Wardrobe Resale to get back to normalcy - whether that's a new outfit that's not leggings or sweatpants or a professional outfit for a job search! To date, our outFIT to Work Fund has raised more than $5,000 from our community supporters, and 100% of that will cover the cost of $50 vouchers for 100+ people!  

As part of our outFIT for Work program, we are offering Online Consultations that cover both wardrobe advice (including a Wardrobe Box sent after the appointment with key clothing pieces someone needs to create a work outfit at home) and job search advice (interviewing, networking). Anyone can sign up for an Online Consultation (no referral or payment needed!) on our website:

To help more small businesses during this time, please consider contributing to the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

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