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GAMBA Spotlight: 1776 Brewerytown

We're thrilled to be highlighting Greater Art Museum Business Alliance Member,

1776 Brewerytown, this week!

About Us

1776 Brewerytown redefines the work, live and play paradigm. With more than 8,000 square feet of flexible workspace, offices, and conference rooms our coworking campus is available to our local community as well as for those entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking space.

What Makes Us Stand Out

1776 fosters the growth of local entrepreneurial ecosystems by providing individualized attention through focused programming, community engagement and access to a dynamic network of stakeholders. We exist to create a world where anyone with the entrepreneurial drive can gain equal access to the resources needed to foster innovation and solve real world problems.

Our Current Offerings

Here for a good time, not a long time? 1776 Brewerytown offers affordable, flexible options such as Day and Weekly Passes to fit your changing needs. We are also offering 20% OFF all membership levels for the first 6 months.

Why We Love Working in the Art Museum District

While it might seem odd to some, we love being plopped directly in a more residential area of Brewerytown/Fairmount. With so many amazing businesses around us, we thrive being a part of this growing neighborhood and community!

Tune in Friday, January 15th when 1776 takes over the @FairmountCDC page on Instagram!

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