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This month’s GAMBA business spotlight features CoreFitness, a mobile fitness company whose home base and favorite outdoor workout location is the Art Museum steps. Read on to learn how they're revolutionizing the way fitness is delivered right here in our community.

Tell us about your business

CoreFitness is a mobile fitness company based in the Art Museum area. We offer personal training, group fitness, physical therapy and nutrition services in our client's homes, work spaces and neighborhoods. Our home base and favorite outdoor workout location is the Art Museum steps. We have a robust virtual class schedule that is fun, effective and real. Our trainers are instructing from home and they know what it's like to be in the living room/basement or porch. No fancy studios here - just real people working out together.

What makes you stand out?

Without a brick and mortar shop - we strive to create the feeling of home anywhere we are. We're a women-owned business built from hard work and gritty determination. We believe in the importance of connecting in a meaningful with every single person who attends CoreFitness virtual and outdoor classes. We want to know you, what makes you tick and what makes you feel good.

What current offerings would catch our eye?!

Join us for our Belmont Plateau Boot Camp on Saturday, July 23rd at 9 AM! Get ready to slip n’ slide into summer with us! Enjoy a killer workout, slip n’ slide finale, celebratory snacks & drinks and great company! 💙🧡

Register to join us here.

Why do you love working in the Art Museum District?!

That's easy - the people. The Art Museum District is full of small business owners who work hard to make this neighborhood a real community. It's full of neighbors who care about supporting the businesses here. We take care of one another.

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