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GAMBA SPOTLIGHT: Sulimay's Salon & Barber Studio

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This week's GAMBA Business Spotlight features Sulimay's Salon & Barber Studio, a Fairmount staple since 1963! Tune in Wednesday 8/3 when they'll take over our Instagram and Friday 8/5 for an interview at the salon!

Tell us about your business

We are a family owned hair studio that is proud to be in Fairmount since 1963!

What makes you stand out?

Our professionals specialize in Haircutting, Barbering, Blonding, dimensional color, Grey Coverage, lived in color, facial waxing and Brazilian Blowout.

What current offerings would catch our eye?!

Our online booking system allows for 24/7 scheduling.

Why do you love working in the Art Museum District?!

We love the community here in the Museum district. It’s simply the best!

You recently published your book, The Street Smart Side of Business. Tell us more about it and the impetus for writing it.

In life we learn most of our lessons by experience. Whether it be our own personal experience or someone else’s. In business there are a lot of hard lessons. I hope that by sharing these stories of hard lessons learned, people can prepare themselves and hopefully stay ahead of the game with the ultimate goal of success and happiness.

What can entrepreneurs expect to gain from reading it?

Entrepreneurs can gain insight as to what it can be like to run a business. When starting out in a new business venture, we tend to look at things through rose colored glasses. Then we can be blindsided when things happen. This book will inspire entrepreneurs to forward think and prepare for business ownership through short stories and scenarios.

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