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GAMBA Spotlight: The KB Experience

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We're thrilled to highlight Greater Art Museum Business Alliance Member, Kristie Bergey of The KB Experience!

About Us

The KB Experience is a team of full service real estate experts specializing in buying, selling, renting, property management and property project management in the Philadelphia area.

What Makes Us Stand Out

As a resident of Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood since 2004, Kristie is thrilled with the many exciting changes that are occurring throughout the city. Her extensive knowledge of Philadelphia’s diverse neighborhoods, appreciation for its history, and the wide range of lifestyle options available are just some of the reasons Kristie calls Philadelphia her home. A world traveler, Kristie embraces the many cultural differences expressed in the city’s arts, culture, and cuisine.

Throughout her career as a business ower, Kristie has understood the importance of excellent customer service. With a background in event planning, she understands that exceeding the customer’s expectations requires insight, open communication, and building a trusting relationship.

Behind the Scenes Open House

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