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GAMBA Spotlight: Trio BYOB

We're thrilled to be highlighting Greater Art Museum Business Alliance Member, Trio BYOB, this week!

About Us

Trio was started in 2006 by three friends and former servers. Fast forward 15 years and we've since moved one block south into the 2601 Parkway building. We're still BYOB and we still offer Delivery and Takeout via our app "Trio 2 Go".

What Makes Us Stand Out

Our food and customer service.

Our Current Customer Favorites

Pastrami Drunken Noodles, Korean Beef Cheesesteak Rolls, Beggars Pouches and Key Lime Pie

Why We Love Working in the Art Museum District

It's a tight knit community and we couldn't imagine being anywhere else. We love the attractions, the character, the great restaurants and small business we call neighbors.

Tune in Wednesday, March 10th when Trio BYOB takes over the @FairmountCDC Instagram for the day!

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1 Comment

TRIO is our all time favorite restaurant in the neighborhood! Not just for their delicious food and good service, but for their community spirit.

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