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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

For the remainder of the year, we're highlighting the many wonderful businesses that line the Girard Avenue Corridor. As the avenue undergoes construction to repair the trolley tracks, don't forget to patronize these businesses. They are open and ready to serve our community. Today's business spotlight features Harper's Ice Cream, serving small batch, handcrafted ice cream made in Philadelphia.

Tell us about your business

We are a brand new scoop shop located on 2827 Girard Ave. We have been selling pints across the region for 2 years and now have a brick & mortar to showcase our unique and seasonal flavors. We use locally sourced, grass fed milk and cream and make the vast majority of mix ins and swirls in house.

Tell us about your founders and the inspiration for opening the business?

Harper’s was formed while Chris Perotti & Ryan Pollock worked together at Rybrew. We used Rybrew as our commissary kitchen and wanted to expand our scoop shop to its own location. We have an incredible team with Alex and Sam leading the back and front of houses.

What makes you stand out?

Our dedication to quality in every manner. Down to the ingredients we use, how we execute our recipes to the way we serve our community.

What current offerings would catch our eye?!

We have great seasonal autumn flavors like Gingersnap Apple Butter, Speculaas Swirl, Pumpkin Pie & Carrot Cake.

Why do you love working in the Art Museum District?!

First and foremost the community that lives here and how they embrace the district’s incredibly unique qualities. To live and work in a place with such history, culture and outdoor accessibility inspires us to see it thrive.

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