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Local business spotlight: Search + Rescue Drygoods

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Maybe you’ve driven past the open storefront and peeked in at Search + Rescue Drygoods at 3101 Glenwood Avenue in Brewerytown and wondered “what in the heck is THAT!! I need to take a look …” Next time you’re near there, do it. Take a look. Because what you will find

inside the expansive space is a collection of art – clothing, home furnishings, collectibles and anything you want to improve your home living.

In other words, it’s a treasure trove of expression.

The theme of the business is Urban Americana,” said Tawfeeq Gaines, Search + Rescue’s proprietor who developed the concept of the business – themed Urban Americana -- in 2013. “Our target audience is youth culture. The artist community is important because of the thirst and drive to reinvent.”

The impact of the last 12 months on the small-business community has been undeniable, and Gaines admits that the challenge has been real. Foot traffic just hasn’t been as active since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but Gaines continues to consider every option. He’s keeping the business – a collective of four independent artisans sharing the space and the goods – open for Saturdays and Sundays now, and will re-evaluate as the spring continues, vaccines increase and the public becomes more welcoming of being out and about.

“It’s going alright, and we are always trying to make things better,” Gaines said. “When we first opened, we tried to be a regular business, open seven days a week. Now it’s the weekends only, so we will see how it goes. I’m proud of what we are and the way the neighborhood has received us."

"Business has been a challenge and for us, just like everyone else, the marketplace has been extremely volatile. I hope that people rediscover small businesses, and my mission is to encourage young people to create even when no one is watching.”

People are watching, and you will as well. The next time you’re in Brewerytown, make it a point to visit 3101 Glenwood Avenue. You will like what you see at Search + Rescue Drygoods, a testament to a long-view vision of what the artisan community can produce – four of them in one space that makes for a wonderful visit for unique tastes.

“My thing is that we all need to keep up the search,” Gaines said. “Keep creating. Keep

seeing things in a way that maybe others don’t. That’s important for everyone, particularly young people. We have a lot of smart minds here who are doing great things and it all comes together when you walk in and see just how incredible this art is and how it can enhance your life.”

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