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Neighborhood Love Letter to Neighborhood Potters

Inspired by the kindness of our neighbors, we're sharing Neighborhood Love Letters to show support to our local businesses! Our next note is brought to you by Irene Anthony who is sending love to Neighborhood Potters. If you'd like to share a Neighborhood Love Letter for your favorite business, email with a photo and your story. We'd love to keep spreading the love!

Local business I love: Neighborhood Potters

How do I love thee, Neighborhood Potters? Let me count the ways.

1) Superb teachers: Owners Sandi and Neil are incredibly talented artists and instructors who lovingly and skillfully share their expertise and passion in all things clay.

2) Community: I have been a student at Neighborhood Potters for over 15 years. During this time, I have developed great friendships with my claymates, learned about city and neighborhood happenings and participated in spirited discussions on topics ranging from A-Z, all while creating art!

3) Creativity: As many of us, most of my workday is spent in front of a computer screen. Because of this, having an artistic outlet where I can use my hands and a different part of my brain is incredibly important to my overall wellbeing. I am free to experiment, make mistakes and create unique pieces of art!

4) One of kind gifts: Let’s face it, some of my pieces are still clunkers but by the same token, some have turned out quite nice. What greater compliment is there than to visit these friends and see them using the mugs, bowls and vases I have gifted them over the years?

5) Holiday Open House: This is usually held on the first Friday in December to kick off the studio’s holiday sale. Don’t miss it!

Neighborhood Potters is definitely one of the reasons I love living in Fairmount!

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