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Neighborhood Love Letters

Updated: May 11, 2020

If you've walked through the Fairmount neighborhood at any point during quarantine, it's likely that you noticed the heart shaped #FairmountLoveNotes posted on many local businesses. Lovingly shared by Gina Mancuso, of CoreFitness, and her daughter, Elia, the idea began with a note on the door at their family favorite, Urban Saloon, and quickly became a way to focus on something positive.

Inspired by the kindness of our neighbors, we're launching a new series: Neighborhood Love Letters. Our first note is brought to you by Kellie Flanagan who is sharing her love for Rybrew. If you'd like to share a Neighborhood Love Letter for your favorite business, email with a photo and your story. We'd love to keep spreading the love!

Local business I love: Rybrew

Why I love them: Yummy sandwiches, great beer selection, friendly staff, cool space (love that 2nd floor!)

Favorite menu item(s): Napa panini, grilled. Any IPA from the fridge

Favorite memory at Rybrew: I was sitting on the second floor having a bite and a beer while finishing up with work items when I heard a fellow patron talking to others about local music. I'm passionate about music and couldn't help but join the conversation. It turns out that my fellow patron leading the conversation was Mark Quinlan, the drummer for the band Hop Along. He and I proceeded to have a spirited conversation about our favorite musicians and concert memories. Toward the end of the conversation Mark commented on how my passion for music was obvious and he wanted to honor it by placing me on the guest list for Hop Along's upcoming show at Union Transfer. I was floored and so grateful for his offer. I later attended the concert and had an awesome time. If it hadn't been for Rybrew, I never would have had this encounter and lucky opportunity to see fantastic local musicians. I can't wait for Rybrew to open again so I can enjoy their tasty food onsite and have opportunities to meet other wonderful neighbors like this.

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