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Neighborhood Potters

Thanks to the generous support of our community, Neighborhood Potters is a recipient of the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

About Neighborhood Potters

Neighborhood Potters could not exist in its current form without the support we receive from our vibrant community. We cherish the connections we have with our students, customers and neighborhood. These relationships have allowed us to offer classes for the community, and have supported our studio work. We are truly grateful to have been able to grow in this community for 20 years, and look forward to many more years. Our thanks to the Fairmount CDC and all who contributed to this fund. We are confident that we will all adjust and that our creative impulses will stay intact. Our souls are still very much alive! We practice an Art form that has been around for thousands of years and has survived many pandemics. Our goal is to keep Neighborhood Potters a part of the vibrant fabric of the neighborhood. To learn more, visit

How the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund Will Help

Funds will be used to cover mortgage, utilities and other fixed costs until we can re-open and begin bringing in income again. Our income normally relies on people coming into our space. 

How you Can Continue to Support Neighborhood Potters

Our studio functions as a community center with classes for adults and children and retail customers stopping in to purchase our hand made pottery and jewelry. With the shut down we can't allow anyone in, of course. We have just launched our first ever online shop so we can have work available for curbside pick up. Even more items are displayed in our storefront window and everything is for sale. We know that buying objects might not be high on your priorities right now, but since you can’t come into the shop, you might enjoy browsing. Window shopping is a great activity where you can still practice social distancing! We are grateful for the support we receive as we try to keep bringing some beauty into the world. Neighbors have supported us here for 20 years, and they can continue to do so if they need a gift or some pottery for their home. Link to our new online shop

To help more small businesses during this time, please consider contributing to the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

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