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Updated: May 19, 2021

To the Fairmount Community,

It is with a bittersweet heart that I share news of my departure from Fairmount CDC. Working in and for this neighborhood for the last three years has been an incredible pleasure. This last year, in particular, has really demonstrated to me what a strong, connected community is capable of in times of crisis. You, neighbors and business owners, were able to raise over $60,000 that was distributed to over 40 local businesses. You also put out water and snacks for those taking part in civil unrest demonstrations at the Art Museum. You plastered the businesses with homemade love signs, and supported each other with free meals, food distribution and, most recently, the installation of a Community Refrigerator next to Fairmount Bikes. It has been an honor to lead an organization that took a small part in organizing some of these endeavors and I know there are even greater moments to come as the neighborhood and the city continue opening up. Fairmount CDC has a lot of exciting developments on the horizon and, in particular, I will be cheering along as the board and staff continue growing our local business support. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements in the near future!

With all that said, it is a joy to welcome Heidi Siegel, our new Acting Executive Director, who will begin her role on Monday, May 17th.

Heidi has been part of the FCDC Board since early 2017 and was elected Board President last November. By assuming the Acting ED role, she’ll temporarily relinquish her Board position, with Charles Neer, previous Board President, stepping back in to fill that role. Heidi is a communication professional providing guidance on brand and reputation management, digital/social media and strategic communication to a variety of public, private, non-profit and political organizations. She resides with her family and their dog in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia, and has lived in and around the Art Museum District for nearly 30 years. She currently serves as Home & School president for Central High School, is on the advisory board for the Philadelphia Writing Project, and previously served on the board of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, as board president of Friends of Eastern State Penitentiary Park (FESPP) and as Home & School president for Bache-Martin Elementary school. Heidi has a journalism degree from Temple University and is an elected committee person in Philadelphia’s 15th Ward. Please feel free to reach out to Heidi at or (215) 232-4766. As always, if you have communications questions, please reach out to Jessie Marushak, Communications Manager, at We look forward to continuing to support our neighbors and businesses as we bounce back in 2021 and work to build a better Art Museum District. Sincerely, Sarajane Blair

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