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Open for Business: Spotlight #3

Comfort for the Body & Soul


Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy:

  • In clinic visits are happening as usual.  We are mindful during these visits that social distancing is a priority. Also 1 on 1 options with you and the therapist are also available.  

  • Telehealth option has been a wonderful addition to our available services.  This is done over device of your choice, 1 on 1 time with therapist, and is covered by your insurance plan.  

  • Also Home Care options are available to those that wish to go that route.  We as health care providers will take all precautions with masks and gloves.  This is Only covered by Medicare plans.  

Please call (267) 606-6923 with any other questions.

Fairmount Primary Care:

  • Fairmount Primary Care will be open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM  The best thing to do is call ahead at (215) 235-9600 and they will assess over the phone, but walk-ins are still accepted and they have the proper protocol in place.


  • CoreFitness wants to help support our fellow small business owners (you and your staff included).  We would like to provide free consultation to any business owner who is looking for a way to develop a health and wellness routine during this time.  

  • As we know, getting enough sleep, eating nutritiously and getting consistent exercise are the best ways to stay healthy - and staying healthy is what we all need to do for our community right now.

  • This assistance may mean helping someone develop a routine that works for what's happening in their lives right now.  

  • Home with kids all day?  Need assistance setting up an ergonomically efficient home office space so your back and neck don't hurt?  Just need to have a written weekly exercise routine? We can do all that.

  • Also - CoreFitness is now offering live - streaming classs via Zoom.  Schedule can be found here.

  • Please reach out to Gina Mancuso at either at or by phone at (215) 421-7856.

Butter's Soul Food:

  • Butter Soul Food will be open Wed & Thurs from 12PM to 7PM, Fri & Sat from 11AM to 8PM, and Sunday from 12PM to 7PM.

  • You can call in order and stop by and pick it up. We will only be doing take out and we can meet you at the door with your order. There will be a 10% discount on all orders and a free tropical iced tea will come with each platter.

  • So if you want some of that Butters Soul Food that melts in your mouth, give us a call at (215) 235-4724 and place an order!

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