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Open for Business: Spotlight #6


Fairmount Associates - 2542 "A" Brown Street:

  • Fairmount Associates will continue to provide mental health and counseling services via telephone and Skype for both existing and new clients during these trying times.

  • You can reach them by calling (215) 236-6100.

2637Brew - 2637 W. Girard Ave.:

  • Open Thursday through Sunday from 9AM to 4PM with their full dinner menu!

  • The menu can be found here and please call (215) 644-8586.

La Calaca Feliz - 2321 Fairmount Ave.:

  • La Calaca Feliz will be open for take-out Wednesday through Sunday from 3PM to 8PM.

  • People can call the restaurant at (215) 787-9930 or order via Caviar / Ubereats, and they will be doing contactless pick up through their take out window in front of the restaurant.

  • All proceeds will be going directly to La Calaca Feliz staff!

  • You can find their current menu here.

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