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Steelworks Strength Systems

Thanks to the generous support of our community, Steelworks Strength Systems is a recipient of the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

About Steelworks Strength Systems

Whether your goal is weight loss and/or improved athletic performance, Steelworks Strength Systems is centered on your success! With scientifically driven workouts, expert coaches, and a community of supportive people we guarantee you'll meet your health and fitness goals.

How the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund Will Help

The funding we received from the Fairmount CDC and the Greater Art Museum Business Alliance will be used to assist in paying rent and utilities.

How you Can Continue to Support Steelworks Strength Systems

Being compassionate towards one another and continuing to adhere to best practices like mask wearing and social distancing is the best way we can all help not only Steelworks Strength Systems, but our community and the greater good. We are all in this together!

To help more small businesses during this time, please consider contributing to the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

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