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Thank you for joining the Fairmount Arts Crawl!

Thank you to everyone who joined the Fairmount Arts Crawl on June 26th. The event was a huge success, and we're so grateful for the chance to gather together and celebrate the arts in our backyard.

We would especially like express our thanks to all the talented artists and vendors for sharing your work with our community, the neighborhood businesses who opened their doors to make art accessible to our neighbors, the sponsors who made the event possible, and the Fairmount CDC board members and events committee for their hard work in bringing the Arts Crawl to fruition.

View the full list of participants below so you can continue to support their businesses.

Fairmount Arts Crawl Artists and Venues

  • Lumos Yoga presented Joe Sannuti and Sandra Benhaim

  • Girl Holding a Pen featured calligraphy based design by calligrapher Lauren Kelley

  • Yoga Habit featured artist and yogi Jodi Rice as well as a kinetic drawing performance

  • Art Museum Veterinary Center featured the work of artist Caroline Stoughton

  • Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy shared work from artist Ben Robinson

  • Dessertcrazy featured the work of Cat Daddy Fabric Arts

  • Fare restaurant displayed the work of artist Samantha Jacobson

  • Neighborhood Potters, featured sidewalk pottery demonstrations, and artists Sandi Pierantozzi, Neil Patterson, Anne Koszalka, Emma Pilon, Adam Ledford

  • Eastern State Penitentiary highlighted 15 site-specific installations including DLP Mirror by Mark Menjivar

  • Compass Real Estate - The Welker Group shared the work of artist Clement DaVinci

  • Sulimay's Salon & Studio featured artist Solveig Imsdahl

  • Bishop’s Collar

  • Cerulean Arts


  • Allyson Underland Photography

  • Andromeda Cook

  • Ceire Parker

  • Faystringart

  • Golden Key Prints

  • Kenney Kit-Outs & Illustrations

  • Kharysol

  • Laks Jewelry

  • Miss Resin Pop

  • Moss Wichrowski

  • Oomgdesign

  • Panache Photos

  • Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

  • Ukrainian League of Philadelphia

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