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Yoga Habit

Thanks to the generous support of our community, Yoga Habit is a recipient of the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

About Yoga Habit

Yoga Habit is a power yoga community. Our goal is to create connection in many ways including connecting to one’s own body, breath, mind and spirit and also to connect with others! Our goal is to leave people feeling grounded, clear and feeling good alongside other friendly faces. 

How the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund Will Help

The relief fund is helping us reopen our studio. Going forward, our studio will operate very differently than it did previously so there is some upfront spending we need to do in order to get ready. One of our larger expenses will be installing a camera and audio system in the studio in order to continue offering YH Live!, our livestream classes, to our community. The funds that we have generously been given will help cover a large portion of these costs.

How you Can Continue to Support Yoga Habit

There are several ways neighbors can support us right now. One way is to take classes with us! A single drop rate to one of our online classes is $12. Another way to help is to shop our online retail store from our website where you can find mats, towels, shirts, water bottles and more. Another way to support us is to purchase a gift card from our website to our studio. Right now, the Spring Garden CDC is generously matching each gift card purchase that we receive with a gift card of the same amount that they will use for future giveaways. And of course, when we reopen, attending class with us is a big help. 

To help more small businesses during this time, please consider contributing to the COVID-19 Business Relief Fund.

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