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Your Guide to the Fairmount Arts Crawl

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

We cannot wait to celebrate the return of the Fairmount Arts Crawl this Sunday, June 26 from 12 to 4pm. The event is presented by the Fairmount Community Development Corporation and Retro Fitness with support from 4ever Young, School of Rock Philadelphia, and The Rounds. Below are some tips and details to make the most of the day.

Start off at Lumos Yoga - 2001 Green Street - who are presenting two artists during the event, Joe Sannuti and Sandra Benhaim. Make your way north to Girl Holding a Pen at 723 N 19th Street, featuring calligraphy based design by calligrapher Lauren Kelley, or east to Cerulean Arts at 1355 Ridge Avenue before starting the crawl down Fairmount Avenue itself.

Yoga Habit at 1640 Fairmount Avenue is featuring artist and yogi Jodi Rice as well as a kinetic drawing performance at 2pm. Attendees are welcome to join the drawing and take a piece home!

The Art Museum Veterinary Center at 1710 Fairmount is featuring the work of artist Caroline Stoughton in their windows while Wallace & Nilan Physical Therapy, next door at 1714 Fairmount will have work from artist Ben Robinson. On the north side of the street, 1925 Fairmount Avenue, you’ll find the work of Cat Daddy Fabric Arts at Dessertcrazy.

In the middle of the avenue is Fare restaurant, at 2028 Fairmount, and the work of artist Samantha Jacobson. Then visit 2034 Fairmount Avenue for Neighborhood Potters, featuring sidewalk pottery demonstrations, and artists Sandi Pierantozzi, Neil Patterson, Anne Koszalka, Emma Pilon, Adam Ledford. Across the street is Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site which has 15 site-specific installations currently on view including DLP Mirror by Mark Menjivar, the penitentiary’s newest piece.

On the sidewalk surrounding the penitentiary, you can meet our partners - Retro Fitness, 4ever Young, The Rounds, and School of Rock Philadelphia, as well as our craft vendors including:

  • Allyson Underland Photography

  • Andromeda Cook

  • Ceire Parker

  • Faystringart

  • Golden Key Prints

  • Kenney Kit-Outs & Illustrations

  • Kharysol

  • Laks Jewelry

  • Miss Resin Pop

  • Moss Wichrowski

  • Oomgdesign

  • Panache Photos

  • Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

Finish at the west end of Fairmount, stopping by Compass Real Estate - The Welker Group at 2311 Fairmount Avenue to see the work of artist Clement DaVinci, Sulimay's Salon & Studio at 2333 Fairmount featuring artist Solveig Imsdahl and Bishop’s Collar at 2349 Fairmount Avenue! Tag @fairmountcdc with your photos so we can share experiences at the Arts Crawl with all our community

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