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Your Guide to the 2024 Fairmount Arts Crawl

Updated: Apr 26

Meet us at Fairmount Arts Crawl this Sunday, April 28 from 12 to 4pm - the 20th edition of this neighborhood-favorite event.

You have two options to begin your day, with the crawl or the craft market:

  • 24 community businesses are hosting artwork for purchase in their spaces this weekend!

  • Start your crawl in Brewerytown! Brewerytown Pilates - 1458 N 30th - is hosting Andromeda Cook, plus local stained glass artist Jeanne Kysela and Knockout Lettering will be displaying work in the windows; they’ll have light refreshments and sidewalk chalk for kids too! Incarnation Tattoo - 1222 N 29th Street - is showing work from C. Long and others, Otto's Taproom & Grille - 1216 N 29th Street - is featuring Julio Galvez, Lather Salon - 2736 W Girard Ave - is showing work by Serena Niesely, Gabrielle Bonder, and Vanessa Lopez, and Rybrew - 2600 Girard - is displaying work from Jonathan Dmitri Gabel.

  • The Boozy Mutt - 2639 Poplar - will have artwork from Dovile Valuckaite as well as Alex Wade. Mi Casita Preschool - 2601 Poplar Street - is hosting Salma Garcia Nolasco’s pop surreal paintings and sculptures

  • If you’re traveling via the Broad Street Line, a good place to start is Cerulean Arts - 1355 Ridge Avenue - their new “Color of Light” exhibition opens on Saturday features works from Peg Curtin, Mikel Elam, Bruce Garrity, Noreen Scott Garrity, Mark Green, Wanda Payne, and Marta Sanchez; they have five additional solo exhibitions on display as well.

  • From there, walk to Rybread - 1711 Fairmount - for the work of neighborhood photographer Liz Baronofsky, Ivy Rehab - 1714 Fairmount - for artist Sean Green’s landscapes and night photography, and Bar Hygge - 1720 Fairmount - to see the word of Shelly Henry, a watercolor artist who "loves the process of creativity and constantly challenges himself to see the world in new ways.” Then head up to Girard Avenue for a round of golf at Libertee Grounds - 1600 Girard - plus the work of artist Solveig Imsdahl.

  • Continue on Fairmount Avenue to one of the neighborhood’s newest businesses, Aiyah - 1809 Fairmount - is featuring the work of Philadelphia artists Jessica Kat Miller, as well as musician Joshua Chase Miller (no relation) “a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and dachshund dad.” Next door is The UPS Store - 1801 Fairmount - with artist Christina Beckham, and Tela’s Market - 1833 Fairmount - hosting Philadelphia painter Sandra Benhaim. Around the corner, Girl Holding a Pen - 723 N 19th Street - has plenty of artwork of their own, and is also hosting abstract watercolor artist Clement DaVinci.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site - has commissioned site-specific artist installations since 1995. The 16 site-specific artist installations currently on view, sharing unique perspectives on the American criminal justice system (admission is required). Across the street is Pier Bar - 2025 Fairmount - will be featuring the art deco work of Jillian Kalman, while Fare - 2028 Fairmount - is presenting collage artist John Scott. Arts Crawl pioneers Neighborhood Potters - 2034 Fairmount - is hosting a sidewalk sale, featuring resident artists Sandi Pierantozzi, Neil Patterson, Anne Koszalka and Adam Ledford.

  • Finishing the walk west, The Welker Group @Compass RE - 2311 Fairmount - is presenting the art of Helena Grady , Sulimay's Salon & Barber Studio - 2333 Fairmount - is hosting the work of artists Sarah Jane Timmons, and Trio - 2601 Pennsylvania Ave - is showing work by Erik Wright of WC Pottery studio.

  • As a bonus - before Arts Crawl Sunday - on Saturday afternoon visit Cosmic Cafe's arts & craft market on Boathouse Row, benefitting The Cosmic Foundation, which supports people with developmental disabilities.

As a special addition, for the Art Crawl’s 20th year, we’re closing the 2300 block of Fairmount Avenue for a craft market featuring the 28 vendors below, and an art-making party organized by the Philly Art Center with make-and-take activities and music! This year’s selection of craft vendors is huge, including:

  • Homestudio-lab

  • Candle Odyssey

  • Haiama Beauty

  • Artevolar

  • Kharysol

  • Golden Key Prints

  • Elements of Still

  • Stitch Sesh

  • Yoni PHresh

  • Keene Pottery

  • Kenney Kut-Outs & Illustrations

  • Baby Got Craft


  • G + RIZZ 

  • Char and Whiskers

  • Simona Dwass

  • Philly Tuft 

  • Sarah + Felisa 

  • Live Lit

  • Donna Mary’s Soaps LLC

  • Miss Resin Pop 

  • City Pixie Shop

  • HanFran Studio 

  • emlacreates

  • Life Art By Stacey Granger 

  • Yay Diff Jewelry

  • Faystringart

  • Botanic Village

  • Fairmount Civic Association

  • GARDEN Vintage

  • City Line Drawings

  • Hosts for Hospitals

You can meet our partners too - Freedom Credit Union and the Office of State Representative Donna Bullock, as well as supporting sponsors Adam Hutcheon State Farm Agency, The Rounds, Green Mountain Energy, and AARP. Their support and investment is essential to producing the Arts Crawl every year.

Let us know what you are most excited about, and tag @fairmountcdc with your photos from the day so we can share experiences at the Arts Crawl with all our community.

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