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our Mission & Vision 

Our Mission 

Fairmount Community Development Corporation’s mission is to advance the growth and unique character of the Fairmount and Girard commercial corridors, support the business community across the Art Museum District, and partner with adjacent neighborhoods to create a safer, more accessible, connected and equitable community


The organization was formed in 1999 by a group of civic-minded Fairmount neighbors who sought to take advantage of the neighborhood improvement opportunities by creating a non-profit community development corporation serving residents and businesses across the Art Museum District, including Fairmount, Brewerytown, Sharswood, Francisville and Spring Garden. The organization was awarded non-profit status in 2001 and completed a resident-driven neighborhood plan in 2003. Although Fairmount CDC has remained a small organization, the diversity of the programming and recent accomplishments speak volumes about the capacity and willingness of the Fairmount CDC to get the job done.


While the work of the Fairmount CDC is broad in scope, each project falls into one of four major target areas designed to accomplish our mission which include:

Fostering a Vibrant Local Economy

Guided by the belief that a strong and diverse local economy is the backbone of a thriving neighborhood, Fairmount CDC, through the administration of the Greater Art Museum Business Alliance, provides collective branding and identity opportunities for local businesses as well as regular professional development opportunities.  FCDC also connects businesses with entrepreneur-support programs to build wealth, funding incentives and assistance to improve facades, access low or no interest capital, and other forms of technical assistance.

Enhancing & Beautifying the Physical Environment 

A well designed, beautiful place can increase social connections, encourage healthy lifestyles, help deter crime and build property values. Fairmount CDC works to make Fairmount Avenue, West Girard Avenue and the areas in between a safe and inviting place to stroll, shop and explore. From large-scale streetscape enhancements such as lighting, trees, and street furniture to daily street cleaning services in Brewerytown, FCDC strives to strengthen the diverse neighborhoods we serve as great places to live, visit and do business.

Engaging Residents to build community & improve quality of life 

Having a strong neighborhood requires strong citizen participation and engagement. We work with residents and small business owners to plan annual events that highlight each neighborhoods' amenities and identity, build community and welcome newcomers.

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Developing Research and Plans to Preparefor the Future

Urban places are constantly evolving, and to ensure ours remains a healthy and vibrant place, FCDC conducts regular research to understand the types of businesses that can help stabilize our commercial areas and leads planning processes to understand the needs and growth opportunities throughout our neighborhood.

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