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Beauty Goes Green: Lather Hair Studio's Eco Mission

In a field known for its negative environmental impacts, Lather Hair Studio is committed to being part of the solution. From gloves to applicators to wipes, the beauty industry’s reliance on single-use products creates large amounts of waste. 

Because of this, Lather has made environmental consciousness part of its day-to-day operations. “Wherever we can, we try to use things that can be reused,” Abbey Dernoga, co-owner of the salon, said. “For things that we cannot avoid being single-use, we found Green Circle.” 

Green Circle Salons is a sustainability organization focused on helping salons reduce their beauty waste. The team at Lather collects their single-use items, along with hair clippings, excess hair color, and used foils and sends it to Green Circle, where the beauty waste gets turned into new products and clean energy. 

But their sustainability efforts don’t stop there! Lather also encourages circularity with their products. When you buy a Davines hair product at the store, you can return the empty bottle and get your next one at a discounted price. 

In celebration of Earth Month, Lather is offering 20 percent off Evo brushes for all of April! These brushes are biodegradable and made with Forest Stewardship Council certified hardwood. Lather is donating all proceeds from these brushes to Philly Thrive, a local environmental justice organization. 

Show your support for community businesses prioritizing sustainability on Earth Day and every day! Stay tuned for more business sustainability spotlights. 

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