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GIRARD AVE SPOTLIGHT: Remedy Spa & Wellness

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

For the remainder of the year, we're highlighting the many wonderful businesses that line the Girard Avenue Corridor. As the avenue undergoes construction to repair the trolley tracks, don't forget to patronize these businesses. They are open and ready to serve our community. Today's business spotlight features Remedy Spa & Wellness, a results-driven full service day spa whose mission is to restore, correct, and improve the body to its natural state.

Tell us about your business

We've been open just under 2 months. We offer a host of therapeutic services such as massages, advanced skincare, stretching, acupuncture, IV infusions, sauna, and spa parties.

Tell us about your founders and the inspiration for opening the business?

Cari Young is the founder, she's been in the spa industry for 14 years. Her love for bodywork and travel were the inspiration behind Remedy Spa & Wellness. The spa is heavily influenced by the spas she's visited around the world. We wanted to create a place people could feel. Remedy has a very talented team, a few of which reside here in Brewerytown. Each practitioner brings something unique to the experience.

What makes you stand out?

Remedy Spa & Wellness stands out because we provide our clients with the ultimate well-being of the body, mind and spirit. We're an urban oasis for the collective to heal and retreat.

What current offerings would catch our eye?!

We have 3 lifestyle membership options. The most popular, Wellness 360, includes a 60 min session (massage, facial, or stretch) + sauna for $125 a month.

Why do you love working in the Art Museum District?!

So far, we'd have to say the blend of people in the community. The neighbors have really been amazing and welcomed us with warmth and kindness. It feels good to be here.

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