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GAMBA is here to help your business grow. Find out how…

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Do you know GAMBA? If you don’t, you should. If you do, then you understand the benefits of being a member of the Greater Art Museum Business Alliance (GAMBA, get it?) as our neighborhood returns to normal and the need for all of us to “join together” has never been more important.

By joining GAMBA, or renewing your membership now, you are raising the visibility of your business, connecting with other business owners in the Art Museum District and joining forces with a neighborhood of consumers and business owners who want to help you succeed.

Some of our GAMBA members who, like all of us, navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic, reached out to us to voice their appreciation for what GAMBA means to their businesses.

“The neighborhood support means EVERYTHING to me and to The Pet Nanny!” -Gina Downs

“The COVID-19 relief money that we were given by the Fairmount CDC has gone towards strengthening our website and maintaining hours that people can pick up their order from in front of our store or, if they prefer, choosing for us to deliver to any address within the 19130 zip code.” -Ali's Wagon

The Fairmount CDC is here for you, and in order to enjoy the full extension of benefits GAMBA provides, you have to join! Or, in many cases, re-join! Here are some of the benefits your business will enjoy by being a GAMBA member…

  • Your business will be highlighted on our Fairmount CDC website and our robust social media channels, ensuring that everyone in the Art Museum District understands the story you want to tell and the mission of your business.

  • You will be listed on our online business directory with your website and contact information for every business and website visitor to see and digest. We make it easy to find your business by listing our GAMBA members in both a directory format and an interactive map.

  • GAMBA members have found great success offering discounts and specials to our neighbors and visitors as we encourage and promote local spending.

  • We offer a variety of virtual opportunities with workshops, member meetings and ZOOM interviews with our Business Services Manager to allow you to tell your story, in your own words, to potential customers.

For more information on how GAMBA can work for your business, visit our benefits page and then sign up and join forces with an Art Museum District that is working together toward success for all of us!

“Being a GAMBA member in the last 18 months has meant that CoreFitness was able to stay connected to others; businesses, customers and neighbors, shares Gina Mancuso, owner at Core Fitness. “Connection has always been important, but even more so given the craziness of the past year and a half. The staff at the Fairmount CDC really went to bat for all of the small businesses in Fairmount, Brewerytown, Francisville, Spring Garden, and Sharswood when we needed it the most. They were educators, promoters and a cheer squad all wrapped into one. I'm grateful for their knowledge and their ability to bring people together and to highlight the awesome network of small business owners in this part of the city.”

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